The Birth I Always Wanted

After my birth experience with my first daughter I knew that I wanted a homebirth.  I never thought that I would have wanted one but I’m glad I chose this route.  I didn’t tell any of my family what the plan was because I knew they would be very against it (I come from a family who are doctors, dentists and nurses who believe hospitals are where it is at!).  As soon as my husband agreed to the homebirth I started planning.  I got all of my supplies ready and had them standing by.  As my due date got closer and closer I got more and more excited.  Then my due date came and went and I was still pregnant.

I woke up at 2am Sunday morning, 2 days after my due date, with intense braxton hicks contractions. They then started to get into a pattern about 10 minutes apart. They moved from being BH contractions felt all over to being what I though was real contractions. They were pretty painful but only 10 minutes a art not getting any stronger and not getting close together. I napped between each one. By the time my family got up and had breakfast they had stopped. So I sent my husband and little A to church and I stayed home and napped all morning. I had no other contractions for the rest of the day.

Sunday afternoon/evening I had a bath, drank some tea (ok lots of RRL tea) and went to bed. I had 1 contraction slept a few mintues and then 20 minutes later I had another one. At 10pm I felt a little pop so I leapt (as much as a heavily pregnant woman can leap) out of bed and my water broke all over the floor (not on the sheets!!).  I told my husband to go back to sleep and I went downstairs and I called the midwife and she came over 45min later. She wasn’t in my of a hurry because when I called I hadn’t had any contractions yet. By the time she arrived they were 3-5min apart and had double peaks. She checked me and asked me how far along I thought I was. I said 3cm she said 8cm. I was a little bit surprised because it didn’t start like that with my last labour.  Then the doppler broke! The midwife had to run to the clinic and get another one. She came back and I was almost ready to push.

I pushed for about an hour and a half in a number of different positions but I found pushing to be most productive while on my back. Once I was on my back it took 3 pushes and the baby was crowning.  I remember one of my girlfriends saying that the crowning was the most terrible pain that she had ever experienced.  I kept waiting for that pain but it never came.  Since the baby was mostly sunnyside up for my labour as soon as  the baby had moved lower in my pelvis all the pain was gone and it was really wonderful.  I reached down and felt that the baby had a full head of hair!  3 more pushes and the baby was out!  Baby J was born at 1:44am Monday morning in my living room!

My favourite part of the whole birth was when I was laying there looking at my new baby, I asked my husband “Well what is it?” he told me he wasn’t too sure, so I reached down and felt between the legs and said “IT’S A GIRL!”

It was a really wonderful experience.  We were all really amazed that little A had slept through the whole thing! Once little J was born we headed upstairs to bed, and had a wonderful sleep!

The next morning we called our family to tell them that the newest member was here and they were more than welcome to come meet her! It was a great experience and any more babies we have I hope to have them at home too!


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