A Wonderful Blessing

                                                             Source: celebrations.com via Angie on Pinterest


A while ago I started feeling really convicted about what my family was eating. There was a lot of processed foods and foods that are highly refined.  I was reading one of my favourite blogs and she recently made the leap to feed her family more whole grains. I though hey I could give that a go.  We are on a super tight budget at the moment and so I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it.  I knew that if I just went out and bought a bag of whole wheat flour that still wasn’t a great option.  The healthiest way to eat grains is to soak them first.  I wasn’t sure how that would go with store bough whole wheat.  Then I remembered that in the cupboard I had a jar full of wheat berries.

I hauled out the wheat berries and soaked them over night. I then dumped them into my food processor and processed away. It eventually formed a sort of dough.  So I added the appropriate ingredients and let it rise.  While this brick of a loaf of bed was rising, my mother-in-law phone and I was chatting with her.  I happened to mention what I was doing and she said “Oh I have a grain mill in my cupboard that I haven’t used in over 10 years, would you like it?” I couldn’t believe it.  I had just spent a whole week praying about how to make this change.  I had a coupon for a store that sold wheat and I was planning on getting some more.  I was so thankful that she told me this!  I did bake my loaf of bread and I made a little mistake and it turned out to be a super dense loaf of bread but it was tasty (more to come on this).  I am so thankful that God provided for our family and I am looking forward to making more healthful baked goods for our family!

My New Mill

I have had a chance to give this bad boy a little run and man is it noisy.  I let the rest of the wheat I soaked sprout and then I dried it. I have since run this through the mill and I love the flour that I got out of it! I can’t wait to make some bread but for now I am content to eat up my brick of a loaf. It is chewy and dense. Stay tuned for some recipes!


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