Photo a Day: Jan 31 Me Again

Smiling at the baby in hopes she stops screaming!

I can’t believe it is the end of January already! It went by so fast.  This month has been tons of fun.  Over this past month I have managed to start and finish a number of different projects.  I am really good at starting and not so great at finishing!  Over the month my hair has also changed, it started off nice a long and a hazard for the baby.  With all the post-partum shedding (it is astonishing the amount of hair that can come out of one person’s head with out them going bald!) and a grabby baby I thought it best if I chopped most of it off! I love it, it is so much easier to deal with, not that it was hard before.  When it was long I would get out of the shower and put it up, and of course at bedtime it would still be wet.  Now when I get out of the shower I can pin part of it up or leave it and it dries in less than an hour!

I had lots of fun this month and I hope you will stick around and join me for February which starts tomorrow, crazy!


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