Photo a Day: Feb 1 My View

Today was a grey day and I had no-napping children.  We didn’t do anything fun or exciting but the kidlets did their best to drive their mother insane.  Last night the toddler decided to stay up really late and then get up super early this morning.  She was cranky and kept waking the baby up.  So she helped me match diapers and fold them and put them away.  We read many, many stories and then we made dinner.  She was in bed asleep by 6pm.  I am hoping that since tomorrow morning is so busy that she will have a nap tomorrow afternoon otherwise mommy might go crazy. But I love my girls, really I do!

I couldn’t resist, Baby J had her photos done yesterday, I love this one.  We have a photo of her big sister in the same dress, they are both adorable!


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