DIY Baby Toy

I have a baby who LOVES crinkly things (ok well what baby doesn’t).  She will spend hours playing with any little piece of paper or crunchy bit of plastic she can find.  She is particularly found of the travel wipes packages.  They make a lot of of noise and are perfect for catching little attentions.  Beside crinkle toys her next favourite is tags. She will “help” with the laundry and will spend forever just pulling on the tags of blankets, and clothes.  After looking at the stores at the extremely expensive little crinkle blankets with tags I thought hey I could make one of those. So I did!

I think it turned out pretty cute.  To make it I used a cotton print on top, with a soft terry on the back (she is a drooly one).  The tags are made of a grosgrain ribbon.  I put the wrong sides of the fabrics together with the ribbon in between (loops towards the centre of the square).  I stitched around the square leaving an opening to stuff in the crinkle.  Then I cut apart one of my empty wipes containers and stuffed in the crinkle.  Then I top stitched the whole thing, making sure to stitch in the crinkly part.

The verdit is, she loves it!  She played with it for hours and by the end of the day it was COVERED in drool, she had, sucked, and chewed it all day.  I’m so happy she likes it.  It was really easy to make and I could make it is so many different colours.  The best part is the whole project itself cost me less than $2.  Since it uses such a small amount of fabric I used scraps that I had around the house, same with the ribbon.  I think if I were to actually purchase specifics for this project the most expensive part would be the ribbons.  I also love the fact that I was able to use something that was just going to be put in the garbage. However when all else fails there are always socks also a favourite chew toy around here!

Since she isn’t walking I don’t feel bad about her eating her socks.  However when the toddler tries to imitate her it grosses me out just a little!  I don’t mind my kids eating dirt, but I am not a big fan of chewing lint.


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