Photo a Day: Feb 2 Words

It is groundhog day today! Not that this post has anything to do with groundhogs but I thought I would throw that out there!  According to our little furry friend we can except an early spring (not that this winter has actually felt like winter at all!!). Anyways on to the photo!

We are currently reading this book for our Moms group at church.  It is a really enjoyable book. It is a nice parenting book that really understands that parenting and raising children isn’t easy.  I also love that this book isn’t a how-to guide to get perfect kids (which there seems to be a lot of those out there) but it is how parenting changes us and how we are change ourselves to be better parents for our kids.  This book is by Gary Thomas, I have read a couple others by him and I have really enjoyed them.  I am looking forward to getting beyond chapter 2 (which is where I seem to be stuck at the moment!).


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