Photo a Day: Feb 7 Button

The past couple of days I have been busy knitting.  I am by no means an excellent knitter (I know how to knit and purl which I guess is all you really need to know!).  But I don’t know how to the pretty stitches like cables or any of the other ones.  So I have found a few small patterns that I have been working on in order to practice these skills.  I have also been using quite a few of the buttons out of my button box, this is one of my favourites!

However if you ask my toddler what a button is this is usually the thing she is looking for:


She loves to push any buttons she can get her little fingers on.  The most common victims are dish washers and laundry machines!  She comes by it honestly, my brother loves buttons, he loves to push anything and everything (and he is 24). There have been several occasions on which she has scared herself silly but she still continues to push anything and everything!


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