Pins I’ve Made: Menu Board

Source: via Kirstin on Pinterest

I saw this lovely pin on Pinterest the other day and I knew that I needed it!  My husband took one look at it and said you need to make one right now.  You see this was our weekly menu plan.

Some weeks it wasn’t even this nice!  So right after I saw the pin my husband took the kids and I headed to the store.  It was a perfect opportunity to pick up something I have been wanting for a long time, a glue gun! I know I have expensive wants! So I got everything (the frame was even on sale woohoo) and went home to get started.  I decided to change they way the days of the week were done but over all I love the results!

We have now be using this for almost a month and I love it.  My husband no longer walks in the door from work and asks “what’s for dinner?” He knows and this way I have my whole week planned out and can get everything for the week on Saturday when I have help!  Of all of the things I have seen and made off of pinterest, this is my favourite!  Not all things in my life are this organized but I am working on it.


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