Photo a Day: Feb 8 Sun

After several cloudy kind of blah days today was bright and sunny.  At least I think the last few days have been cloudy, but I have been trapped in the house with a teething baby so I’m not 100% sure!  I took advantage of the sun by going out for coffee with my mom.  This is always a highlight of my little toddler’s week because sometimes she gets a teeny tiny hot chocolate!  I then came home and washed my cloth diapers and hung out the really sad looking ones in the sun.  That thing is a magical cure for the sad looking diapers that come from having an EBF baby with mustard yellow poop.  Putting them out in the sun for half an hour or so seems to cure that problem super fast (with no harsh chemicals yay!).

Today was a good day but I feel bad for my little baby, she has bright red cheeks, sleeping a lot (not that I am complaining about that) and she just keeps biting me which hurts, a lot!


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