Photo a Day: Feb 12 Inside My Closet

This is my closet, this is where most of the clothes that I don’t where go to stay.  A few of my husbands old shirt hang in the closet as do his suit and my multipurpose dresses (the ones I pull for weddings, fancy parties (hahaha), and funerals). I do store most of my sweaters here, but these I do wear.  The rest of the clothes are maternity clothes.  These will stay here until I need them again (which if all goes according to my plan, not for a few years).  At the bottom of my closet are my shoes, I swear I have hundreds of pairs of shoes but I only really wear 2 or 3 pairs.  These are to the point where I need to replace them but I really don’t want to because they are so comfy!

Once a year I go through the closet and pull out anything that hasn’t been worn in a long time and either use it for sewing or donate it.  It feels good to clear everything out, like a fresh start. I hope to get rid of a ton of stuff this spring!


One thought on “Photo a Day: Feb 12 Inside My Closet

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