Hi Bloggy Land!

Hello out there!!

It has been entirely too long since I last posted February wow. So much and so little has changed since then! Some highlights. Little A turned three, THREE, I can’t believe it. Over the last little bit her vocabulary has exploded. She is talking in full blown long and sometimes run on sentences). We are still working on when to use the words “he and she” it is a hard concept for a little person. I think my favourite things that she says are the two words/phrases she mispronounces, she calls the garbage “gargub” and when she burps she says “skeet me” so sweet!  She gets a long wonderfully well with her little sister, they are becoming the best of friends.

Baby J is growing like a little weed. She is now almost 10 months old and is crawling all over the place. As a result of her new found mobility she has made my life incredibly more busy! She isn’t eating solids yet, she likes to suck on the odd cracker but that is about it. She still breastfeeds about 60 billion times a day (ok I exaggerate it is every 2 hours which feels like a billion!) and I am ok with that! We still aren’t sleeping through the night because she nurses every 2 hours but sometimes there is progress in that department.  She got her first tooth on June 4th and is now working on the next one, as a result I have a very cranky little baby on my hands!

Hubs and I are doing well. I don’t really have anything exciting to say about us! I am hoping to get more updates and recipes up soon. I have some yummy ones I am working on! Here is a nice new picture of my girls!Image


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