Happy Belated Father’s Day

This past Sunday was Father’s day. A wonderful day to celebrate the wonderful men in our life. This year the girls and I got my wonderful husband a book. He loves books, well actually we both love books. We have books everywhere, we have 3 bookshelves stuffed with books and more hiding in boxes in the basement! But this year we got him the book Family Shepherds by Voddie Baucham Jr. It looks like a really good read.

For the grandfather’s this year I decided to do something a little bit cheaper creative. I had seen this cute little footprint craft on Dollar Store Mom and I thought it would be perfect! So I went to the dollar store to pick up some paint . I found some nice paint for a dollar and came home. That is when I noticed that it said “acrylic paint” eeep that means it doesn’t wash off!! Oh well I foraged ahead.

I got everything ready and covered the kitchen in newspaper. J was fine with me painting her foot and pushing it onto the paper. She even wanted to climb into the paint she thought it was pretty fun. Finally when I got her all cleaned up I called for A and said it was her turn. She was very upset and told me “No mommy we don’t paint with our feet we use paint brushes.”  I told her that she was right but we were making special presents so it was ok this time! After much, much coaxing she finally agreed and she had so much fun! Once it was dry I added all the little cutouts and I have to say it turned out lovely! (sorry for the crappy picture)

J’s foot was a little too small to turn into a tractor so we made it a trailer. Grandma thought it was a nice picture but she thought it was even nicer when A finally pointed out that it was made from her foot! Grandpa was equally as thrilled and it is now proudly displayed in his office!

I hope you all took time to celebrate the wonderful fathers in your lives this past weekend.


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