Happy Canada Day!

Today we celebrate Canada’s 145th birthday. As a kid I always looked forward to this day as it meant that Dad was done work for 2 weeks and we would go camping. This year we had lots of plans to play outside with the kiddie pool and use the fun new water guns that my husband bough for himself the girls and possibly see some fireworks. However this morning A got out of bed and came to tell me that she had spit up all over her bed. She then spit up on  my coffee table. So all of our plans are up in the air at the moment.

I will say with all of the grossness that is vomiting, A handles it very well. I guess it is partly due to the fact that her sister still occasionally spits up if she nurses too much. So for now I am spending the day watching a Veggie Tales movie (we are on the 3rd time through it) with my sick little girl while J crawls around and eats things off the floor. But Happy Canada Day to you all.

Happy Canada Day – from a sick little girl!


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