Mail Order Bacteria…..Who Knew?

When I first started into cultured foods I thought I would try the easy things like drinks. Those seemed to be pretty easy and looked pretty tasty (and anything to try and break my family’s pop habit). So I started looking around our small town to see if anyone sold any cultures. It turns out that they do not. I started looking around to find different places that sold the cultures I was looking for. It turns out that my options seemed to be limited as some places didn’t ship to Canada or they charged a huge amount in shipping.

Enter Yemoos Nourishing Cultures. It was at this place I found all of the cultures I was looking for and a few I wasn’t. Since I had already started my own kombucha SCOBY I ordered some water kefir grains, milk kefir grains and some yogurt cultures. I thought for sure that these would get snagged at the boarder as being some sort of bio threat or something! I have never ordered living things through the mail, it was such a thrill.

I placed my order and a week later a package arrived at my door, my cultures made it without a hitch! I opened it up eager to get started. Each of my cultures came with it’s own adoption certificate! I thought that was such a sweet touch. I have each of my certificates proudly displayed on my fridge so everyone who comes over can see how much I love my bacteria!

I have had these cultures for a while now. I started them all at different points so they are at various points of reproduction. My water kefir grains are going the strongest. They multiply each jar that I made (so much so that I am now trying to give away grains, I am drying them to save for later and trying to come up with other creative ways of using them). Each one makes a lovely treat. I love my bacteria!

Shared as part of Fight Back Friday.


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