What I’m Reading

This week I finished a delightful book called The Midwife of Venice. It was an interesting look at the culture of Europe during the 16th century. It is about a Jewish midwife who lived in the ghetto of Venice and is called to help at the birth of a Christian woman. This is forbidden and the book chronicles the events that happen. I loved this book, it was quick and easy read. It is very interesting as it shed some light of some issues that I was only partly aware of like the anti-Semitism that was happening even so long ago. I also loved the portrayal of birth in the book. It was set back in the day before there was lot of medical interventions and midwives were the primary birth attendants. I loved this book and I will read it again sometime (perhaps when there aren’t 12 people ahead of me on the waiting list at the public library!).

I also finished Wild Fermentation this week. I thought it was a great read even though it is classified as a cookbook (or an uncooked book?). It was great, I love Sandor’s commentary through the book on what he learned while making the different ferments. Since I have finished it I have tried two different ferments out of it. I have tried making kimchi and sourdough. I cannot wait to try these. The kimchi is currently still sitting out on my counter bubbling away. It looks really tasty! I am about to go and put my sourdough loaves into the oven. I have tried on several different occasions to make sourdough bread and ever single one of those failed. I am hoping this one will actually work!

This week I am reading The Midwife’s Song and The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved. I am starting to see a trend with my reading! What are you reading this week?


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