Spicy Mail

Korean Chili Spice and Rice Yeast

This week I got some spicy mail, literally spicy. It was a mixture of Korean chillies for kimchi. When I opened the envelope you could just smell the spice, it was heavenly!

There have been some recipes that I have desperately wanted to try but I can’t get the ingredients around here and the websites that do carry them don’t seem to ship to Canada. So what is a girl to do? Make American friends! I had all of my stuff shipped to a friends house and she graciously shipped it to me. I will be forever grateful to her for doing this!

Now that my ingredients have arrived I can’t wait to start making them. I started the kimchi yesterday and it is already in the gaseous stage spewing extra brine all over my counter but it smells wonderful and the beautiful deep red colour I have seen in other kimchis.

The other package is rice yeast. There is a recipe I have been dying to try where you mix cooked rice and the yeast together and let it culture for several days. I have tried something similar to this when I was travelling in China and I hope it is as tasty as I remember! I hope to post some recipes tomorrow.

Have you received anything fun in the mail lately?


2 thoughts on “Spicy Mail

    • I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the kimchi that it wasn’t spicy. It was a wonderful flavour but most of the spice came from the large amount of garlic I put in.

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