What I’m Reading

I missed last week’s WIR because my husband and I got new toys phones. As a result there has been much instagraming, friendly competitionin and not a whole lot of reading!

od-3This week I am reading The Omnivore Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. When I first read the title I was a little bit confused (and I still am as I haven’t gotten to that part) when I saw the four meals. I only eat three meals a day, should I be eating four? Does a snack count as a meal? I’m sure all of my questions will be answered in time. I am only part way through the first part of book.

It is a wonderfully written book, I really enjoy reading Michael Pollan’s work. In this book he is working backwards starting with our highly processed food culture working backwards to what our ancestors ate. The first part of the book and the only part I have read so far is an in-depth look at corn and how Americans (and I’m assuming it applies to Canadian’s as well) has surpassed Mexico as the most corn consuming nation.  It is surprising to think about because we don’t sit down and eat tons of corn, at least we don’t think we do. But when you get done to it ever one of our processed foods is full of corn. He also talked about the feed lots for cows and how they aren’t designed to live on a diet of grain and he problems the poor cows have from eating so much corn.

I am hoping that the as I get more into the book and he talks about more traditional farms and planting that I don’t feel as horrible about the food that I am eating as I do now. I do have his next book on my shelf waiting for me to read it is called In Defence of Food. It is how we can change the way we are eating one meal at a time. It is taking the information from Dilemma and putting it into practice.

What are you reading this week?


One thought on “What I’m Reading

  1. Awesome post – I just did one like it before I read yours! 🙂 This week I am reading Shannon Haye’s book Radical Homemakers; it puts words to so many of the feelings I have been wrestling with lately (still “working for the man” and not super-excited to keep at it) so I am really enjoying it! She has a very passionate voice and a good “down to earth” message about sustainability and self-sufficiency – I can’t WAIT to reclaim domesticity full-time! 🙂

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