What I’m Reading

I love books. In my house we have hundreds of books. We have 4 bookshelves stuffed full of books and then we have more books stored in boxes in the basement. I really need to go through and clear out some of them but then it is like getting rid of an old friend.

Wild Fermetation coverWhen I am reading I always try to have a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. This week I am reading 2 books. I am reading Sandor Katz’s first book Wild Fermentation. I am really enjoying it. I like the fact that it is more than just a cook book. He goes into some of the history and social issues behind the fermentation of food. I am only about 40 pages into it but I am really enjoying it. The only thing I don’t like about it is it is larger than a trade paperback book so it is hard to hold it with one hand while I am nursing ūüôā

The fiction book that I am reading/was reading I finished it this morning was called Secret Daughter. It was a really wonderful read. I found it a little sad because it is based in India where there is a very large emphasis placed on having a male child. This book¬†chronicles¬†the life of an Indian woman who had a daughter but was forced to give her away to save her life. I found it a little close to home because I have two beautiful little girls and I couldn’t imagine having to give them up. I also found it very interesting since in the new around here there has been several stories of sex selection abortions around the country. Other than the depression nature of the subject this book was very well written and I read it in 2 days, it was that good!

What are you reading?


Photo a Day: Jan 24 Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is BOOKS! I am a sucker for murder mystery and adventure books. ¬†I love to read all the ones that you see in the grocery stores by they different authors that seem to put a new book out every month. ¬†Those are my favourite. ¬†They require very little concentration, they are quick to read, easy to find, and exciting. ¬†Sadly, these days I don’t have much time for reading. ¬†It would seem that every time I sit down to read the books someone needs me (baby, toddler, husband, phone, etc). ¬†I love that our local library has all of these books on CD so I can have someone read me the story while I am crocheting, making dinner or doing dishes. ¬†It makes me feel so spoiled and I still get to keep up with all the new books!

Photo a Day: Jan 14 What I am Reading

Currently I am reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Food and Healing my Annemarie Colbin.  I am really enjoying both of these! They have given me a new look at the foods that I am feeding my family.  I also love the traditional food recipes in Nourishing Traditions.  I have made several recipes out of it over the last few weeks and they really are wonderful!